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Webcatt Mall is not your usual online marketplace. The Webcatt catalogue system behind Webcatt uses a combination of online payments and direct seller contact through listed products to meet buyer and seller needs. It can be an effective lead generator.

Digital Products can also be part of interacting with a catalogue from Webcatt. These contact and sales tools promote a community for artists and followers and represents an easy way for clients and suppliers to meet and discuss common goals. The Webcatt system can also be used as a team sales tool.

Webcatt provides the space and the sales tools for a specifically focussed creative production community. The listings below are mostly examples illustrating our technology. This includes traditional store inventory concepts and digital download options as well as custom emails and other email marketing opportunities.

Shopping by Main Category

Catalogues by Digital Products

About Downloads

Webcatt offers digital product catalogues to display all kinds of digital inventory from books to music. Each item purchased comes with a Digital Download Link. Buyers can download up to 5 copies of their item. Webcatt installs PayPal for all download purchases on new systems but the system will work with other processors.

Category Listings for Sale Items

Shopping and setting up a Shop using Webcatt offers flexible content options and levels of self-management. Webcatt works to develop each store with the owner to maximize its opportunity for success. Webcatt can provide 2 methods to display your work. The difference between a catalogue (more than 2 items) and a category listing is that category listings list all kinds of different individual items of one type. Catalogues list multiple items and types categorized by each individual seller. Webcatt develops and builds these systems and more, for clients.

Customised One of a Kind

Mall locations available now!

Looking for high vibe artist/entrepreneurs…

Come join our unique group of artisans, musicians, inventors, manufacturers and entrepreneurs looking for a low cost, small footprint online catalogue solution. You can make Webcatt work as your online agent providing space for your work while sending sales leads and requests your way!

Webcatt gives catalogue owners and category members immediate access to leads and contacts for their wares.

How does it work

Visitors who seek more information can contact the Seller and receive immediate feedback if a payment method is not available.

…business projects for boutique item sales.

  1. Webcatt works with any CPanel enabled websites
  2. Hosting for the database and website is optional
  3. Two types of installs available:
    * Full catalogue installed on your server or
    * Partial catalogue hosted at Webcatt
  4. Over 30 years of publishing and catalogue expertise.
  5. Easy to understand system, reliable and secure.

Webcatt Is
Webcatt.ca is a project incubator for small business and individual artist-entrepreneurs. It is a project development and prototyping outpost for the curious who like to keep the inventor/builder spirit alive.

Your Privacy
In a nutshell, Webcatt.ca is not going to sell or provide any data our visitors may provide to anyone else. That is not our business. We will only ever send you emails from our webcatt@webcatt.ca email account. Privacy Policy.

We use PayPal
PayPal can process your payment whether or not you have a PayPal account. You can use popular cards with PayPal and PayPal is easy to use.
Find the PayPal link on any item page and press it.